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domingo, 20 de diciembre de 2009

Oral class (frequency)

1.    Dictation:


Stan gets up at seven o´clock in the morning.

 After breakfast, he goes to work by bus.

He starts working at a quarter past nine.

The shop opens at half past.

Stan has lunch at twelve, and then works from one to five.

On saturdays, Stan stops working at one o´clock and,

 on Sundays, he rides a bike or plays tennis.



2.    Ask in pairs:


                        -  What time does he /she gets up?

-  What time does he / she goes to school?

- What time does he / she has lunch?

-  What time does he / she has supper?

- What he /she does on Saturdays?

-  What he / she does onSundays?

-  What he / she does  in the evenings?

-  What sort of books does he /she like?

-   What sort of food  does he /she like?                            ?

-   What languages does he / she speak?

-   Where does he / she go on holidays?


3.    Find things you both have in common

4.    Find things you both don´t have in common

5.    How often do you:


-         go to a restaurant?

-         have bread and cheese?

-         have milk?

-         have water?

-         go to the cinema?

-         meet friends?

-         go to the swimming pool?

-         have a bath?

-         go shopping?

-         have a shower?

-         phone your friends?

-         go to bed?

-         go to the doctor?

-         go to see  the dentist?

-         go to the supermarket?

-         go to school?

-         wait in a bus stop?

-         go to a hotel?


6.    Now, ask your classmate how often does he / she do these things

7.    What do you do when you are:


-         happy

-         unhappy

-         tired

-         bored